International Scientific Conference “SOCIETY. TECHNOLOGY. SECURITY”

On 26 March 2021, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is organizing International Scientific Conference “SOCIETY. TECHNOLOGY. SECURITY”. The aim of the conference is to stimulate discussion and provide a platform for researchers to share ideas on recent  trends and developments in disciplines such as secure society and secure technologies.

Researchers and academics from Latvia, Morocco, India, Estonia, France, Italy and the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to disseminate the results of their research to the wider audience at the online conference which will be broadcast live on Webex video conference platform and YouTube.

The conference will be opened by ViA Rector Gatis Krūmiņš and Valmiera City Municipality Council Chairman Jānis Baiks, followed by a presentation by LMT President Juris Binde “Digitalization and CyberSecurity - Opportunities and Challenges for Industry 4.0”.

Five panel discussions will be organized during the conference:

  • Focusing on the Public Sector’s Communication in Turbulent Times: Drawing Conclusions from Recent Experience and Drafting Future Steps
  • Monitoring Devices for Human and Sea Health and Security
  • Using Qualitative and Reliable Information to Promote Security in 21st Century
  • Sustainable Development for a Secure Society
  • Latvian Heritage and Future Challenges for the Country’s Sustainability: Research in the COVID-19 Era

Workshops will take place in parallel with the panel discussions. Due to limited number of participants, pre-registration is required for the workshops:

  • Re-imagining the Way Cybersecurity Research, Innovation, and Training are Performed in Europe
  • Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling

At the end of the conference, the invited guest speaker Professor Andra Siibak from the University of Tartu  will give a keynote speech “The Experiences and Reflections of Employees with Micro-chip Implants and the Potential Risks Associated with Such Practice”.

Link to the Conference: HERE

Conference language: English

Detailed information on the progamme: HERE

Participants: Gatis Krūmiņš, Ieva Bērziņa, Katrīna Sudakova, Inita Blačforda, Ieva Zaumane, Linda Lancere, Sarmīte Rozentāle, Madara Prata, Oskars Java, Sanita Meijere, Agnese Dāvidsone, Baiba Rivža, Daina Bleiere, Māris Andžans, Armands Meirāns, Ginta Majore, The Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution CERT.LV, Ilze Dimante, Ieva Kalniņa, Māra Bleidere (Latvia), Mohcine Boudhane, Hamza Azbeg (Morocco), Mahender Reddy Gavinolla (India), Tatjana Koor (Estonia), The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (France), The National Research Council (Italy), Michal Kepka (the Czech Republic).

Scientific articles can be found in the following journals:

Given that the conference will take place online, it will be free of charge.

CONTACTS: Head of Research Projects

The conference is funded by the project “Support for effective participation of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences within the international scientific circles (ViA-lnt)” Project No.

HESPI researchers participate in 8th International Multidisciplinary Research Conference "Society. Health. Welfare."

On 24-26 March 2021, 8th International Multidisciplinary Research Conference "Society. Health. Welfare." takes place in Riga Stradins University in Latvia. HESPI research assistants Anna Broka and Hanna Mihailova participate with a report "The social work practice with vulnerable families, young people and disabled children during the Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia".

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HESPI Lead Researcher Feliciana Rajevska Participates in Conference "Sixth European Conference on The State of the Welfare State in EU anno 1992: a Quarter of a Century later. From Financial Crisis to COVID Crisis"

On 22-23 March 2021 HESPI Lead Researcher Feliciana Rajevska participates in a digital conference "Sixth European Conference on The State of the Welfare State in EU anno 1992: a Quarter of a Century later. From Financial Crisis to COVID Crisis" organized by Research Institute for Work and Society, Catholic University of Leuven. In the conference the researcher will present a report "Social Protection From Great Recession to Pandemic: what have we learnt in Latvia?".

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PhD student Gaļina Bukovska participates in ATLAS SIG Conference "The New Normal in Business Tourism"

On 21 January 2021, ATLAS (Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research) Business Tourism Special Interest Group Conference "The New Normal in Business Tourism" will take place online. PhD student and guest lecturer Gaļina Bukovska will participate in the conference and give a presentation on the topic "Latvia: the "new normal" in meeting and event industry".

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Anda Arkliņa participates in Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium (CBTS 2020)

On 16-18 December 2020, the annual Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium (CBTS 2020) takes place online on the topic "Consumers' travel behavior in transition: Between persistence and change", bringing together more than 45 participants.

On December 16 the doctoral student at ViA study programme "Economics and Business" and HESPI Research Assistant Anda Arkliņa gives a presentation “A study on Youth behavior towards the North Vidzeme biosphere reserve in Latvia”.

The study was developed with the support of the project "The Importance of Documentary Heritage Research in Creating Synergies between Research and Society" (No. VPP-IZM-2018/1-0022) in the framework of the National Research Programme.