Mg.biol. Juris Smaļinskis

Research areas: 
Environment, biological diversity, sustainable development, ecotourism, tourism
Juris Smaļinskis has graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Latvia and is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Economics and Social Development of the University of Latvia. Since graduating from the University of Latvia, Juris has worked in the tourism industry - initially as a tourist guide, but since 2003 - in the Latvian Rural Tourism Association "Country Holidays". His research is related to sustainable tourism, nature, active and rural tourism, as well as the use of cultural heritage in tourism. Juris is the auditor of the Latvian National Eco-Certificate "Green Certificate" and the author or co-author of many travel guides, thematic tourist maps, books, popular and scientific publications. He is a lecturer at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Since 2017, he is involved in creating long-distance hiking routes in the Baltic States. He has gained practical experience in many countries around the world.