11th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas (MMV11)

MMV11 is hosted by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Latvia Convention Bureau, Jūrmala City Council and Nature Conservation Agency. Main theme of the Conference: Behavioural changes of outdoor and landscape recreational consumption in Global Green Deal context.

Scheduled sessions of the conference:

  1. Monitoring and management of visitors: lessons learned. Management practices of co-management in recreation areas: the empowerment of communities for pro-nature initiatives.

  2. Management of natural recreational resources within the framework of the climate, environmental and social crisis: the need for the economic transformation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing development.

  3. Behaviour of different visitor segments outdoors, current trends, the need for a change, discoveries of new consumption patterns.

  4. Outdoor sport and recreational activities versus the goals of biodiversity conservation: the regulations and policies of nature protection and management.

  5. Managing the quality of traditional and contemporary landscapes & the context of rural-urban mobility, tourism and recreation infrastructure development.

  6. Global Green Deal and climate neutral economy for tourism and recreational industries.

  7. Carrying capacity of the environment, ecosystem services, society demand for emotional well-being connected to nature.

  8. Landscape diversity and the services of specially protected natural areas. Urbanization and consumption of outdoors and rural landscapes: the accessibility and quality of natural capital.

  9. Landscape quality monitoring and key performance indicators for the measure of progress, sustainable development. Landscapes of national importance and sustainable management practices and policies.

  10. Introduction of eco-innovations and technological advances in managing visitor flow in nature areas.

  11. Zoos As Conservation Parks: Reframing Visitor Management.

  12. Outdoor recreation advocacy as a social movement for sustainable development and change.

  13. Managing wildlife tourism.

  14. Outdoor recreation planning & management in protected areas, using the Conservation Standards.

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