Dr.oec. Agita Līviņa Director, Lead Researcher
Sustainable development, sustainable tourism planning, protected areas, dark tourism, regional planning and development, indicators agita.livina(at)
Mg.philol. Līga Cvetkova Director's Assistant
RFID technologies in events, real estate system, sustainable development of rural areas aigars.andersons(at)
Mg.oec. Anda Arkliņa Research Assistant
Sustainable development, protected nature areas, generations anda.arklina(at) Iveta Auniņa Head of Multimedia Laboratory
iveta.aunina(at) Jānis Bikše Research Assistant
Transport mobility in rural areas, air quality in urbanized regions janis.bikse(at) Anna Broka Research Assistant
International social welfare and health policy, social innovations, community participation and empowerment, sustainable development anna.broka(at) Jānis Buholcs Lead Researcher
On-line media, social media, social capital, on-line communities , communication technologies janis.buholcs(at)
Communication, media, journalism agnese.davidsone(at)
Strategic communication, security, journalism solvita.denisa(at)
Mg.geogr. Iveta Druva-Druvaskalne Head of Spatial Research Laboratory
Communication ecosystem and technologies, hidden culture codes, ICT product development, intellectual capital ieva.gintere(at) Ilze Grīnfelde Research Assistant
Dark tourism, regional tourism resources, outdoor recreation ilze.grinfelde(at) Oskars Java Research Assistant
Biodiversity, sustainable development
University pedagogy, assessment in learning process anzela.jurane(at)
Cultural heritage, cultural tourism janis.kalnacs(at)
Tourism marketing, spatial analysis, tourism clusters andris.klepers(at)
Dr.hist. Gatis Krūmiņš Lead Researcher
History and economic development gatis.krumins(at) Katrīne Kūkoja Research Assistant
Social investments, pre-school education katrine.kukoja(at) Ligita Kūle Research Assistant
Inclusive education, special education, employment and social investment ligita.kule(at)
Economy, innovations, sustainability, social entrepreneurship maira.lescevica(at) Liene Ločmele Research Assistant
Intercultural and interpersonal communication, social construction of identity, cultural discourse analysis liene.locmele(at)
Mg.soc.d. Hanna Mihailova Research Assistant
Sociology, social work, social policy, organization of social work
Social security system, social policy, social investments, transformation processes of works feliciana.rajevska(at)
Dr.oec. Sarmīte Rozentāle Lead Researcher
Sustainable economics, sustainable business, corporative finance and investments sarmite.rozentale(at)
History of Latvian culture, politics, economy and military from 18th century until first part of 20th century
Social cognition, behavioral economics, health psychology vineta.silkane(at)
Environment, biological diversity, sustainable development, ecotourism, tourism juris.smalinskis(at)
Cultural heritage, communication of culture, identity, community participation and engagement linda.veliverronena(at)